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Dance City

 Regardless of your motivation for learning to dance, we can provide you with the ideal lesson package to suit your needs.  

Our certified teachers will work with you to create the perfect program whether you are learning to dance for your Wedding, you would like to participate in one of the world’s oldest hobbies and learn to Ballroom Dance, or you just want to learn how to enjoy yourself on the dance floor without the bar tab!  Whether you are a couple or a single person, learning to dance will help you hit the scene looking and feeling your best.

Why should you learn to dance?

There are many benefits to dancing.  In addition to providing a cardiovascular workout, dancing promotes good posture and strengthens your body’s abdominal muscles.  Research has shown that dancing improves mental acuity and may even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  Not only is dancing good for the body and mind, but our students have the unique opportunity to interact with others who share a common interest.  Many lasting friendships and relationships have been formed on the dance floor.